Procrastination is such an easy trap and habit to fall into. As human beings it is so easy to make the statement, “I’ll do it later.” The issue is not that we postpone doing something once in a while, the issue becomes a problem when we get in the habit of postponing everything. Things like paying the bills, changing the oil in our vehicles, going to the dentist/doctor, etc.

Procrastination can actually ruin our lives. If you do not pay your bills on time, the utilities might be turned off, if you do not go to a doctor once in a while, a disease might go undiagnosed until it is critical, etc.

There is also a small leap from “doing it later” to being totally and utterly disorganized. Many people who are procrastinators have no concept of organization and thus when they need to find anything they do not have a clue where to even begin. They spend a lot of time looking for things; such as, keys, bills, clothing, books, tax returns, etc. As you can see, procrastination is a huge time waster and time is something we can not replace.

So, if you are a procrastinator, do you know why? Being a procrastinator supports how we see ourselves. Generally there is a belief that we are not good enough, that we are failures, that we really will get things done later and when you don’t, it adds to the negative beliefs that you already hold about yourself.

If you recognize this as a problem and believe that it is damaging your life, there are ways to begin to take control of your life back. Developing self-discipline is created by taking small, measurable steps. You do not want to tackle everything at one time.

One easy habit to put in place, if you hear yourself saying, “I’ll do that later,” is to ask yourself, “will doing this take longer than two minutes?” If a task can be completed in two minutes or less, get in the habit of doing the task now! You will be surprised by how many tasks can be completed in two minutes or less. This is a very fun activity and will easily begin to replace your old procrastinating habits.

Set up small rewards along the way as you handle more and more tasks without any procrastination. Do not allow yourself to be pulled off task by others who might also have this negative behavior. By overcoming this habit, you will begin to feel energized, have more time to do what you want, feel pride in your accomplishments, raise your self-esteem, alleviate stress, and increase your happiness and level of success.

Sonja Fullwood, author, life, health, and prosperity coach. Sonja brings a life-time of experience, knowledge, and accomplishments to her coaching business. Sonja is direct in her approach to coaching and holds people accountable for their actions and supports the greatness and potential in everyone. Visit my site at

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